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Floor Care

Our mat rental service keeps your entrance clean and safe for your customers or employees. North Star Linen will supply the mats for a week period and return the following week to exchange the dirty mats for clean ones.

If you require floor mats on a bi-weekly or seasonal basis only, North Star Linen is willing to accomodate you with a contract that suits your needs.

Floor Mat ServiceFloor Mats

Our programs offer flexibility and can be customized to meet your needs. A North Star Representative will visit your business to carefully remove soiled mats and replace them with clean mats.

- Prevent soil and debris from being tracked through your facility.
- Protect your flooring and carpeting.
- Enhance your facility appearance and image.
- Promote safety - prevents slips and falls.
- Promote safety with safety slogans printed on mats.
- Improve comfort and productivity.
- Prevent snow, slush, and salt from being tracked onto your floor.
- Custom logo mats available.

Benefits of our floor mat service:

- No Inventory Investment.
- Convenient Service Visits.
- Choice of Size and Colors.
- Flexible Terms for Changing Needs.
- Careful Removal of Soiled Mats.
- Replacement with Clean Mats.
- Professional Cleaning and Sanitizing.
- Safety Awareness.

Consider placing our floor mats in:

- Entrances.
- High Traffic Areas.
- Door and Hallways Near High Soil Areas.
- Kitchen and Vending Areas.
- Coffee Stations and Water Fountains.
- Service Counters and Waiting Areas.
- Employee Work Stations.

For more information call 1-800-461-5756 or contact us at uniforms@northstarlinen.com.